Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boomer has passed on. Memorialize him with a No Kill Plate

On Sunday, November 18, 2012, about 6:30 pm, Boomer passed on. He had been experiencing an extreme loss of mobility which culminated today in difficulty breathing, a fast heart rate, and no mobility at all for several hours. He just set by my chair while I was writing, somewhat oblivious to his suffering until my sister Rhonda brought it to my attention.

God bless Jefferson Hospital for helping me end his suffering.

There's actually a really awesome way you can show an expression of sympathy. The reservation list for a No Kill Kentucky license plate needs 900 applications before the plate is made available. For every plate purchased $10 will go to a grant program for a shelter and rescues in Kentucky.

What was thought to be the deadline, Oct. 30, 2012, has been extended for a couple years,  so we have time to make this happen. There aren't quite 100 plates reserved, so in honor of Boomer appropriately,  we'll need 900 of his Kentucky friends will reserve a plate and get this program on the road. Here's how to do it:
COST:  $35Although all applications state a $25 fee and have a place to add to that amount, No Kill Kentucky license plates are a *total* of $35.  However, you must elect to add this additional $10 in the early stages of this process. Please see the application.  Programs to support a No Kill Kentucky will ONLY receive the $10 above and beyond the $25 cost. The $25 goes to the State of Kentucky.  $10 is the maximum allowed by the state.Send the completed application and  $35 payment to No Kill Louisville, NKK License Plate, PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY, 40206.  All checks should be made payable to No Kill Louisville.  To download the application, please click here.  The "point of contact" person on your application should be Cindy Schmitt, NKL Treasurer.  For any other questions regarding filling out your application, please email us at or

Or for more information, visit:
Share info about the plate on Facebook here:

Boomer had been with me for the last decade, and touched so many lives through the years. His first home was in New Albany, off County Line Rd with my friends Brad, Colleen, and their kids, who I still need to contact. They had adopted him privately from a family in downtown New Albany who couldn't care for him, and I adopted him from them when they moved to California.

Through Boomer's life, he lived with me on the river for a few years. The best years of his life in many ways, because he thought of Cox's park as his yard. He lived downtown in Glassworks, the Henry Clay, and the Lofts of Broadway. And he lived in the Highlands on Bonnycastle, and Ellwood.

Most of the last 3.5 months he spent with my niece Isabella and her boyfriend Nolen in Indianapolis. They spoiled him in a way I couldn't possibly have while I was working in Iowa.

I want a place I can click to memorialize him with photos, videos and stories, and this blog, shall be that place. Easy url to remember, too: Here's some pictures to get started.
Boomer back in the River Rd days

Boomer back in the River Rd days
Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park

At the Coalition for the Homeless' Race to End Homelessness, a few years ago.

With Sebastian.

With Isabella.

With Isabella.

Not happy.

Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park

Huntington Beach, CA

So loyal.

With Buffy


At Marilyn's, being serious.
Cherokee Park
Cherokee Park
Cherokee Park
Cherokee Park
Thank you, Liz, for photoshopping my tree from another photo!

Boomer and Juneau

California. OMG. I look 15!

Lofts of Broadway. Sleeping on the picnic table? lol
Photo by Jarrett Horvath, Willow Pond in Cherokee Park
With Juneau, Cherokee Park

On Ellwood.

When his lion-cut upstaged the demolition of a Humana building making way for the YUM! Arena. Mark Hebert was just more interested in Boomer than all that arena mess:

Videos where Boomer made an appearance:

His introduction to activism, protesting Senator Mitch McConnell's support for the Iraq War outside the Henry Clay, Nov. 17, 2007. He's at the 57 second mark:

Here is hanging out with Andrew and Steph Horne's dog, Buffy, when she was only a puppy. He was a more than a little jealous!:

And outside in the snow with Jarrett and Juneau:

And asleep for my "coming out"-story, ha. He gave permission to my audience to do the same!:

"Boomer the Lion" pics on Myspace:

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